The Firm

boatsmARK Financial Services, LLC was established in 2001 to provide comprehensive tax, investment advisory and wealth management services to high net worth executives, entrepreneurs and families. The firm was formed as a successor to Andrew Kline’s CPA practice to fulfill client requests to provide more comprehensive financial planning and investment advisory services.

As Andy remembers:

This journey started with the belief that a better and broader investment and financial planning solution could be found for my tax and accounting clients. Many of my clients were receiving insufficient investment and financial guidance from traditional service providers. After a year of searching and dozens of meetings with potential investment partners a client handed me a book and said, “you need to read this”. I finished “The Only Guide to a Winning Investment Strategy You’ll Ever Need” by Larry Swedroe in a day and immediately saw that I, like many investors, had been approaching investing with the wrong strategy.

Within a week I was on a plane to St. Louis to meet the team at The BAM Alliance and was on my way. I also sold all my individual stocks in the next couple of weeks and embarked on an investment strategy that used asset allocation to achieve diversification. I began ignoring the “noise” coming from CNBC, watching Cramer only for his occasional entertainment value.

The ultimate goal, however, was not to simply find the best investment approach. Rather, I wanted to help investors articulate their individual financial goals and help them maintain an investment strategy to meet those goals in all market conditions.

Today, ARK is proud to have a growing presence in the DC metro area. We remain committed to helping individuals manage and meet all of their financial objectives.